Collecting COVID-19 Stories

Share your Story!

As Federal, Provincial and Municipal authorities have taken measure aimed to restrict the spread of COVID-19, we have shifted our daily routines and become accustomed to uncertainty. Many of us have found new ways of working, learning, and communicating during this time. We see the kindness made by caregivers, neighbours, and essential service providers while learning how important social distancing is at this time when friends and family feel even more valuable to us. Each of us is experiencing history and this global pandemic has an impact that will be felt by all of us for years to come. As change continues and we adapt, we are in a position to preserve history as it happens. This is powerful evidence of how we as a society respond to the challenges we face.


The Lambton County Archives is inviting you in our local community to share your voice and your experiences during the COVID-19 pandamic. It is important that these events are documented on a local level. Here’s how you can help:


If you live or work in Lambton County, you can participate by;

  1. Document your personal experiences. This can be through letters, photos, journal entries, or a simple email telling us about your experiences.
  2. Donate these materials to the Lambton County Archives for preservation for future generations.
  3. Contact the Archivist Nicole Aszalos ( for a donation form
  4. Submit your contribution and form via email to
  5. Questions? Let us know!

Some things to think about:

  • Medical professionals – What innovations have been made in response to the pandemic? What are the ways you prepare for your work?What new challenges has the pandemic created for your team or for patients?
  • Essential service providers – How has your work changed or been put at risk? 
  • Local business – How has your business adapted its products and services to respond to community needs? 
  • Education – What innovations have educators made to continue teaching during isolation? What is the experience of the student?
  • Leisure time and recreation – How are you spending your leisure time while social distancing?How are you maintaining meaningful contact with friends and family? 
  • Neighbors and caregivers – How are you finding ways of helping each other? Have you participated in the birthday parades or other unique events that maintain social distancing while sharing positivity? 
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