Lambton at War

Lambton Shores-Forest

The First World War

Millicent Waterfield


My grandmother, Millicent Waterfield was born on February 17, 1890 and died on May 29, 1956.

During the war many sacrifices were made not only by the brave men overseas but by the folks at home.

Rationing became a large part of everyday life. Each family was allowed a small amount for essentials; Millicent saved her ration coupons and used her portion to bake for the boys and along with the Agenda Club and the Red Cross filled boxes for the boys of baked goods, cigarettes, warm knitted scarves, socks, hats and mittens.

Millicent was a song writer, poet, and a piano player. She was a member of the Minstrel Show, as their piano player. The show performed novelty numbers and told silly jokes to raise money for the Red Cross.

During a memorial service of 1000 people in the Forest United Church Millicent read a poem she wrote about the brave boys lost in the war.

As a member of our greatest generation Millicent faced each trial with courage and through it all stood proudly, sang loudly and continued to be charitable and supportive. A legacy we all can learn from and be proud of.


~ Story told by Deborah Rose, Forest, granddaughter of Millicent Waterfield