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The Second World War

Stanley A. Edwards

Stanley A. Edwards was born in New Liskeard, but came to Arkona with his parents at an early age and resided in that community until his enlistment in June 1940.   He went overseas in 1942 and in a letter received by his wife, a few days later, expressed his expectations of being home in the near future.  Stanley died of injuries accidently received in Holland on May 20, 1945.  Driver Stanley A. Edwards of Canadian General Transport Company R.C.A.S.C. died almost two weeks after hostilities had ceased in Europe.

Letters from Stan Edwards while in army were received by his Mother.   Some excerpts are below. Edith is Stan’s aunt (his mother’s sister), Queenie is Stan’s sister, the other people named are also local folks.


~ Story told by Linda Koolen, Arkona


March 30/42 Camp Borden

Dear Mother,

Thought I had better drop you a line and tell you where I’m hanging out now.  Well Ray Gibson and I have transferred into the Army Service Corp. but still in the 4th and 5th division.  The unit we are in is for transporting tanks on heavy trucks.   I reckon I’ll get home for Easter but can’t tell for sure as yet.  If I don’t I’ll make it next week anyway.   It sure is great to be in Ontario again even if it is Camp Borden.  On the level in Quebec there is so much snow you can hardly see the tops of the fences while here there isn’t a sign of snow and it sure feels like spring.  I heard the first robin tonight….

May 28/42 Camp Borden

…I got my official notice that I passed the trade test today.   Here is how it read:  Qualification of Tradesmen A44122 Edwards S. A. Qualified as a Motor Mechanic Class II effective 12-5-42 Authority of Military District 3 2, District Order No. 576 dated 21 May 1942

….I guess this is all the news for now, only don’t worry about me.   The only thing I worry about is I wonder if you and Magdalene are worrying about me.  Going overseas is the least of my worries.  If I was a green recruit it would be different, but now I know this army game from start to finish.  Well all for now   Love your son Stan

Camp Borden, June 12/42, Fri. Eve.

Dear Mother, Dad & Gerald,

Well I guess this is my farewell salute from Camp Borden.  Expect to leave tomorrow Morning (Sat morn), at least we are all ready at any rate.  I guess I’ll have my 2 years in the Army in Canada, but that is all.

I am looking forward to the trip across the water with enthusiasm.  Should board the boat on Monday, probably about the time you receive this letter.   I am taking a good supply of razor blades, soap, cigarettes with me also quite a number of chocolate bars and chewing gum.   Chamberlain left Wed. morning for Halifax (I figure he is down at the boat getting things squared around)  There has been several thousand men go out this last few days and several more new fellows just moved in and they are starting to enlarge the camp at 1/3 right away.   It already holds 30,000 so I guess there will be a lot of men conscripted this summer.   This is only one camp in about 15 in Canada.

Well folks I guess this is all for now.   I’ll write as soon as I reach England but don’t worry I’ll be O.K.   After about a week my address will be Canadian Army Overseas instead of Camp Borden.   Love from Stan

England Dec. 25/42

Dear Mother,

Received your most welcome box today.   Everything in it was really good.  It is nice tasting your cooking again.

We had a very nice Xmas today.   We had a little bit of turkey and some nice fresh pork.   We had our first eggs for breakfast today.

It is 6 months today since I landed here.  The time has went fairly fast. (sic)  We are all hoping to spend the next Xmas at home.

I got a parcel from Edith today, too.   I also got one from the Institute, one from the wife, 300 cigarettes from Joe Fuller, a big chocolate bar from Elva Fuller on behalf of the Sunday School.   I haven’t got Queenie’s yet.

I visited another camp last Sunday and seen Norman Glenn, Jim Wilson, Neil Chamberlain and a lot more guys I know there.   They are all fine and rather enjoying themselves over here.  I wrote a letter to the Institute today thanking them for the box.   I got Dad’s letter O.K.   I’ll answer it soon, also a letter from you.   I guess I have enough candy & canned goods for Xmas to fill a good big bushel basket. 

 I hope they don’t take a notion to go to France or somewhere till I get it all eaten anyway.

Well Mother all for now.   I am fine and dandy as usual.

Happy New Year.      Love Stan

(This is 6 letters today)

I’ll write a longer one next time