Lambton at War


The Second World War

Jean Luella Sage

Jean Luella Sage (née Brown) had been an elementary school teacher for about five years when she joined the RCAF (WD) in the summer of 1942, shortly after her marriage. Her husband, Ron Sage, had already signed up for the RCAF and left for his basic training right after their wedding in July 8 of 1942.

After Jean saw him off at Union Station, she returned to her parents’ farm at Oakdale and signed up to do her part. Jean completed her basic training at Rockcliffe in Ottawa, and was then posted to Eastern Air Command Headquarters in Halifax. She worked as a “plotter” – keeping track by radar of ships in Halifax Harbour and watching for enemy submarines – all “top secret”.

While she listened to messages through her earphones, Jean knit socks to send home to her father. She lived in the barracks with four other women, and when they went on leave they hitchhiked out to Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg.

Meanwhile Jean’s husband was posted overseas. When Ron received an honourable discharge the next year, Jean also left the RCAF. The Sages lived in Ottawa for a short while, and then settled in London, Ontario.  Jean passed away on December 25, 1998.

~ Story told by Jocelyn Shipley.

Gordon C. Stinson

Lieutenant Gordon C. Stinson is the father of Linda Croton.  He was born on March 2, 1913 and died on April 16, 2009.  Prior to the outbreak of the war Gordon was a school teacher, graduating from London Teacher’s College and began his teaching career in 1935.

He enlisted in August 1942 as a Private with RCA.  Gordon trained at Petawawa and graduated as Lieutenant Gordon C. Stinson at Brockville Ontario.  Gordon was sent to Shilo, Manitoba and became an artillery instructor and stayed in the army after the war ended as a Veteran’s Guard of German POW in Northern Ontario and Camp 10, who were kept in Kent County after the war’s end to work on farms in the area.   Gordon was discharged from the army in May of 1947.

After his discharge he returned to teach as Principal of Dresden Public School for a year and then retired from teaching in 1948, taking up farming.  Gordon grew corn, soybeans and hay for his beef operation.  He was also employed by Union Gas Co. first in their Oakdale office later to move to present site in Dawn – Euphemia Township, working as fieldman until he retired in 1968.

~ Submitted by Linda Burns, Croton