Lambton at War

Euphemia Township

The Second World War

 James Waucaush

Marion Neville was a neighbour of James Waucaush.  She corresponded with him when he was overseas.

James Waucaush went overseas and fought in the Dieppe Raid and was taken prisoner of war.  After the war, he returned home and a few days later had supper at Marion’s house.   A few days after that Waucaush went to Wallaceburg with a friend.  On the return trip, their vehicle went into the ditch and was Waucaush was killed (1946).

”Such heartbreak after he had been overseas.”

~ Submitted by Marion Neville, Wyoming

Wilber (Mac) Waucaush

Wilbur was a brother to James Waucaush.   I (Marion Neville) did not know Wilbur but he was also overseas in the forces and I thought just to add a little information they were the last known First Nations family to live in Euphemia Township and two sons served in the Second World War.

~ Submitted by Marion Neville, Wyoming