Made In Lambton

Explore the art of carpentry and furniture making, along with the stories of the men who constructed these made-to-last pieces

Featured Exhibit in the Lambton Gallery from May to October 2016

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Lambton Heritage Museum’s feature summer exhibit for 2016 pulls from our vast collection of Lambton County made furniture to explore the art  of carpentry and furniture making, along with the stories of the men who constructed these made-to-last pieces.  Explore the “Made in Lambton” exhibit to see the contents of a mid-1800’s carpentry shop, learn about furniture making tools and techniques, and see unique, handmade pieces in the Museum collection, along with items borrowed from the community.

In late 2014 the Museum was approached by a local family who are descendants of an early Lambton County carpenter.  On the family farm stood a 150 year old drive shed, the top floor of which was used as a carpentry shop by John McElroy, from about the 1850’s on.  In the shop, under layers of other materials stored from the farm house, lived much of the original carpentry equipment and tools owned and used by John McElroy.  The family had recently sold the property and was hoping the Museum would be interested in the contents of the carpentry shop for our collection.  Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity and shortly thereafter, the entire contents were packed up and moved to the museum.  The items included his workbench, complete tool box,  various hand tools, examples of furniture, remnants of carpentry projects and gingerbread from the home he built, to name a few.   After a bit of research, it was determined that a few pieces of furniture already owned by the Museum were likely made by John McElroy!  These two facts inspired our feature summer exhibit “Made in Lambton”.  Using furniture from the permanent collection, materials loaned by the family and items from descendants of other furniture makers in Lambton, this exhibit explores the art of furniture making in Lambton, and the people who make it.  “Made in Lambton” runs May – October 2016.  Be sure to drop in and learn more about the art of furniture making in Lambton!