Shine: Spotlight on Women of Lambton

Exhibit was on display from May to October 2013

The Shine: Spotlight on Women of Lambton Exhibit was originally displayed in our Lambton Gallery from May to October 2013.  The Lambton Heritage Museum sponsored a public nomination program inviting the community to help honour the women of Lambton County (living or deceased) for the roles they play in their local communities as well as provincially, nationally and internationally.  The response was impressive, and 74 women from across Lambton County were nominated.

We are celebrating the unique ways women have shaped our local history in this exhibit Shine: Spotlight on Women of Lambton. We want to show you how the women of Lambton County have guided and inspired their communities and their families.

Many history books describe the achievements of men and remain silent about women, and the roles of women are often forgotten. This slowly started changing in the 1960s and 1970s when a new way of thinking about history developed.

Social historians began looking beyond the upper classes, politicians, and heroes to study how so-called “ordinary people” lived.  This contrasts sharply with historians who focused on royalty without looking at peasants, and generals without looking at soldiers.  As social history grew, women’s stories emerged and “Women’s History” became its own discipline.

This exhibit tells stories of individual women and women in organizations, women who changed the national stage and women who shaped the local stage. One thing these women all have in common: their roots in Lambton County. They have inspired and changed their communities, and we hope they inspire and change you today.

Below is a short video introduction to the Shine: Spotlight on Women of Lambton Exhibit, which contains street scenes featuring Lambton County Women from Thedford, Forest, and Brigden in the late 1940s.