Lambton County Archives is the archival centre for genealogical and local history research in Lambton County. We preserve and protect the documents that tell the stories of the people and places of our community and make those records accessible for researchers.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to assist you with your research or to conduct it for you if you can’t visit us in person.



The Archives opened in 1974 as the local history room of the Lambton County Library. The Lambton Room as it was originally known, was housed in a small room in what was the old library headquarters building on Niagara Street in Wyoming (currently the Plympton-Wyoming municipal office.)

Over the next two years the archives grew with the acquisition of two major collections: the George Smith Collection and the Edward Phelps Collection. Original correspondence, maps, photographs, newspaper negatives, clippings, and bibliographies of county figures where obtained. For a more detailed examination of the foundation of the collection, see our blog post Where Did Our Collection Come From?

The collection continued to grow and in 1992 was moved to its present environmentally controlled location. In 2013, our name was updated to Lambton County Archives to better reflect the growth of the county’s archival collection into a vibrant repository and research centre.


Ontario Genealogical Society

Ontario genealogical society logo

The Archives closely works with the Lambton County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. This dedicated group of local genealogists holds monthly meetings and the public is welcome to attend the presentation portion of each meeting to learn more about genealogy.

In addition, Lambton OGS members work to make resources more accessible for fellow researchers. They are currently indexing the Petrolia Topic newspaper from the Archives’ collection and you will find many of their indexing projects on the shelves in our reading room.

Their library holdings of reference books, indexes, and family histories is housed in the Archives’ reading room and is accessible to our researchers. For a full listing of their library holdings, please visit their website.