old film reel with wanted old film footage printed on it

Do you have vintage film footage shot in Lambton County?

Following the highly successful screening of vintage film footage in Alvinston, Lambton County Archives is looking for the public’s help in locating and digitizing more old film from across Lambton County.

A screening of film footage captured in Alvinston during the 1940s attracted more than 130 residents to a recent viewing at the Alvinston Library.  Lambton County Archives believes the popularity of the event demonstrates there is an appetite for more vintage local films and hopes to expand its archival holdings beyond traditional documents and still photos to a wider selection of media.


“Lambton County Archives would love to digitize residents’ 8 mm or other vintage film,” says Dana Thorne, Archivist.  “Lambton County needs video footage that features our local history. Not only does old film footage offer unique insight into the past, it is also important to create digital copies of this material before the fragile film becomes unviewable.

Any film loaned to Lambton County Archives will be screened by the Archivist.  If the footage is determined to have local historical significance, the material will be converted to digital format with a copy to be housed at Lambton County Archives.

For more information, please contact:
Dana Thorne, Archivist
Lambton County Archives
519-845-3324 ext. 5239.