The Lambton Heritage Museum has lots to offer kids and their families.


  • Visit all of our exterior buildings and see how people lived many years ago
  • Learn about local history in our main building galleries
  • Visit our gift shop to purchase an old fashioned toy such as Jacob’s ladder, marbles, jacks and more.
  • A perfect place for local campers to get warm and dry on a rainy day
  • Relax and enjoy your packed lunch at one of our shaded picnic tables.


Fossil Dig


Picnic Tables

Museum Cats

Very popular with our young visitors are our two museum cats.

George lives inside the museum and has been our on-site pest controller for 15 years. George loves to give our visitors gallery tours and will take as much attention as you will give.


While visiting us you may find that you are being followed by our cat George (or led, as he likes to give tours). George arrived here in November 1999 at eight weeks of age.  He has proved to be an excellent employee in charge of pest control – dramatically decreasing the rodent population in our building.  The word has gone out to the flying squirrels, bats, mice and chipmunks of this area that this is no longer a safe place to inhabit.

George has the run of the site and has not caused any damage.  He is extremely friendly and enjoys being petted, even on his belly.  However if this is not to your liking, just ignore him and he will move on.

Jack lives in our barns also providing pest control. He arrived at the museum a few years ago and has stuck around ever since. Jack will be happy to show you around our outside buildings.


Jack was a stray who wandered between here and Grand Bend before deciding to settle here in the fall of 2009, in spite of the fact that George is very unwelcoming.  Jack was likely born in the spring of 2008 and is a very sweet natured cat.

To keep George happy, Jack does not come in the main building.  Instead, he has the heated workshop in the white barn as his domain.