old record book open on tableThe Oil Museum of Canada is committed to making all of it’s collections of documents and artifacts that are historically significant to oil history available to the public. Our staff support the many researchers that  visit each year to examine material in the collections.

However, limitations of resources, and the need to protect fragile material, mean that the Museum cannot meet all requests.

While the Museum makes every effort to accommodate the needs of researchers  there are practical constraints of space, time, and staff to assist. Researchers should contact the Museum  to discuss their needs in advance of the start of their project.   If you wish to request to see material that is in storage, please provide as much notice as possible, preferably as much as three to four weeks. This will enable us to reserve work space and staff time for your visit. Contact us with as much detail as possible about your research and about what you wish to see from the collections.

Costs may be associated depending on the type and scale of the request.

Research appointments are available Monday – Friday only.