school bus in from of oil museum

A field trip to the Oil Museum of Canada  is a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity for your class that brings curriculum to life and creates lasting memories. We offer exceptional educational value and fun for your students.

School Programs

Oil, Oil, Oil Program

Bring your class to the Oil Museum of Canada to learn about the most sought after non-renewable resource in the world. Students will have the unique opportunity to see the National Historic Site of the first commercial oil well in North America. They will see how the early drillers harvested this natural resource, refined it and sold it to the world.  Your class will be amazed by the multitude of everyday items that are made from crude oil. Students will be able to tour the museum grounds with an experience tour guide, and participate in hands on experiments. Students will see the working jerker lines that have been used to pump oil in Oil Springs since the 1860’s. This technology utilizes simple machines and local materials to power the industry.

Tour available anytime of the year. Advance registration required.

Pioneer Days Program

Students will get to visit the historic Langbank log cabin where they will contrast and compare the pioneer homestead with today’s homes and domestic duties. Your class will have an experienced tour guide to lead them around the site and discuss the different duties between men and women during the historical time period. Students will get time to make a pioneer inspired craft and play with historical wooden toys. The Oil Museum of Canada is proud to have on display a working model of the pump jacks and jerker line technology that was invested by John Henry Fairbank in the mid-1800s. Students will also be able to see how the early settlers used simple machines and local resources to shape the industry.

Available May, June, September & October. Advance registration required.

Conservation of Energy Tour

What is energy and where does it come from? Students will learn about the different types of energy that are used in our modern worlds and where they come from. Interactive activities will demonstrate the origins of the fossil fuel resources that are abundant in our local area. Students will contrast and compare renewable and non-renewable resources so they can understand the significance that each plays in the global energy market. The class will also have time to work on an experiment or craft related to alternative forms of energy. The tour will also highlight the difference in perspective between historical treatment of the environment and today’s environmental protections.

Advance registration required.

Geology Rocks Program 

Come to learn about the local geology that gave birth to the oil industry. Students will be able to see the gum beds where raw crude oil still oozes to the surface, examine core samples and try to identify different rock types. The class can examine fossils up close and examine the museum’s rock display. Class participants will learn about the geologic reasons why the oil fields are located here, plus some of the other unique mineral resources in the area such as salt.

Tour available anytime of the year. Advance registration required.

Old Fashioned Christmas Program

Experience what Christmas was like in the 1860s at the Oil Museum of Canada. Students will be given the opportunity to see how our current traditions have developed over time. You will see the differences and similarities related to winter celebrations and domestic duties that people performed at that time period. With early sunsets and extended periods of darkness people found ways to brighten the mood with candles and celebrations. Trained tour guides will lead your group through three stations. Students will be given the opportunity to hand dip a candle, make a pioneer inspired craft, play with wooden toys and taste warm apple cider and air-popped popcorn in the historic Langbank Log Cabin.

Available November & December. Advance registration required.


For more information or to register for a school program, please contact Christina Sydorko – Education and Program Coordinator