old photo of oil drillers in front of equipment

Black Gold


Stories about the prominent historical figures who were instrumental in the discovery of oil in southwestern Ontario. Visit the virtual exhibit


The Equipment Section provides an in-depth introduction to the drilling tools and techniques that were used in the past, as narrated by long-time oilman, Phil Morningstar. This recollection includes descriptions and photos of the procedures and tools that were used in the primitive oil fields. Coming soon

Oil Heritage

The Oil Heritage site is a tribute to the towns that comprise the Oil Heritage District namely, Oil City, Oil Springs, Petrolia and Wyoming. Included is a special section on the boom and bust of the oil industry, as it relates specifically, to Oil Springs. A virtual driving tour of the Oil Heritage District is also included in this section, as well as a list of Lambton County “firsts” in the oil industry. Visit www.firstoilwell.com


International Drillers

A new website is under development to share the many stories and photos about the pioneer Canadian oilmen who traveled abroad introducing their drilling techniques to other countries. This section also includes a photo gallery which features pictures from around the world, and places where these men traveled. Coming Soon