In 2008, the Warwick History Township Committee put a great deal of time, energy and heart into the creation of the manuscript entitled The Township of Warwick: A Story Through Time. This sweeping history has been made available in its entirety in this virtual exhibit, along with additional photographs and research material that was not included in the original publication. Feel free to browse the book chapters below, and visit other pages in this virtual exhibit to explore photographs, videos, documents, and additional information about Warwick Township. You can also use the search functionality to look for material related to specific individuals, businesses, clubs, etc.

The original book covers Warwick Township from prehistoric times to budding nineteenth-century communities, through the First and Second World Wars and into the current day. It combines an interest in the development of urban and rural spaces with an emphasis on the stories behind individual families who have lived and thrived in Warwick Township.

This virtual exhibit was produced through a partnership between the Lambton County Archives and the Warwick Township History Committee. Please direct any questions or comments to archives@county-lambton.on.ca.


Links to Original Book Chapters:

Scratching the Surface of Warwick Township

From Mastodon to Arrowhead

From Forest to Field

To Everything There is a Season

From Cradle to Grave

From Slate to Laptop

Settlements from the Past

“My Kona, Your Kona, Arkona”

Forest Roots in Warwick

Watford, My Home Town

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Responsible Government

Sports in Pictures

St. Clair Borderers

From Farm Field to Battlefield

Home Front to Battlefront

My Home, My Palace

Home Children

Good Times in Bad Times

Dear Hearts and Gentle People

Tires and Wires

Overcoming Adversities

Recollections and Reflections