The Lambton Room’s New Blog: Exploring the Past

                The Lambton Room is excited to present its new blog, a place where you can experience some of the interesting pieces of history I encounter as an archivist. My name is Dana Johnson, and I am the voice behind this blog and the Lambton Room Historian. Join me as I investigate thought-provoking documents from our collection, and stop by to learn more about the history of the County of Lambton.
The traces left by the past are sometimes confusing, often fragmented, and ultimately fascinating footprints in the ongoing effort to chronicle the past. Archives are a unique place where history comes to life in the form of primary documents, the diverse records that have withstood the test of time and tell the past’s stories. Whether it be hundred-year-old leather-bound scrapbooks, negatives from the 1950s or a series of letters from the beginning of the twentieth century, there are always intriguing stories. Not only do they shed light on the history of the County of Lambton and the generations that have thrived here, they also provide insight into how Canada has grown as a nation, and how drastically the world has changed.
I look forward to sharing the interesting stories that come out of the Lambton Room’s collection. I also look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences reading these stories or anything you would like to share about research from your own visits to the Lambton Room.

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  1. Ann Horodyski

    Do you publish this blog??? Where can I find it?


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