inside of oil museum of canada dispaly of drilling tools

The collection of artifacts at the Oil Museum of Canada represent the history of Oil discovery and production in our region and around the world.

Our Collection is as diverse as the people and stories  it represents:  petroleum industry artifacts, working exhibits, kerosene lamps, fascinating stories, intriguing photographs and more.

Featured Themes

International Drillers

There are many odd and unique mementos of the ‘foreign drillers’ – snake skins, butterflies, brass urns, bead work – all brought home by pioneer oilmen who travelled the world in search of oil. Visitors can also see tools, dishes, photos, bird eggs, Peruvian water jugs, rocks, clocks and more. This unique history and the many fascinating stories are of interest to everyone!

Don’t miss our International Drillers online exhibit produced through a Virtual Museums of Canada grant coming in 2015.

Oil Heritage  District Driving Tour 

The goal of this historic tour is to guide you to twelve different sites that trace the evolution of oil from its humble 19th century beginnings, through its 20th century growth into its current stages, and into the future of energy production and innovation in the 21 st century and beyond.