Come and experience the grounds of the Lambton Heritage Museum in a new way!


This is an opportunity to explore the unique oak savanna habitat around the main museum and historic buildings. The trail is a one kilometer loop through the forest around the museum.


Snowshoes are now available for rent at the museum. There are a variety of sizes for adults and children (who have to be over 60 pounds to use the equipment). The snowshoe rental cost is included as part of the regular museum admission prices.


The Woodland Heritage Trail is named in honour of Ontario’s Woodland Indigenous people, who inhabited the area from 1000-1650 and fished, hunted, and worked flint in this area.


If you can’t visit the museum but you’re curious about the information we share about our natural history along the trail, you can access the interpretive panel text here! Learn about the unique oak savanna habitat, the changing landscape, and Indigenous uses of the land.

Welcome to the Oak Savanna

Three White PinesĀ 

The Disappearance of Lake Smith

Mystery of the Tool Cache

Look to the Sky

The Attawandaron People


Learn more about nature trails in our area by visiting Lambton Shores Nature Trails online.